Design challenges waiting to be solved? Problems in dire need of drastic solutions? Bring them on! IdeationLab will come up trumps.

Industrial, social-cultural, creative, commercial, organizational challenges? You name it, we will design a killing solution in no time for you!


Digital Innovators specialized in the design and development of tailor made interfaces, interactive visualizations and complex data systems. With their flashy interactive brainstorm tool PHRASA, they'll create extensive association networks that map solution spaces.

Unimaginable abstraction levels will be reached, which hold seeds for innovative and surprising concept directions. Frontwise connects the dots!


Masters of visual expression; Sharp thinkers come at you equipped with sharp pencils and a high bandwidth connection from brain to paper. Visual thinkers hear everything you say, shout or even subtly whisper and are capable of translating your message to speaking images. 

Such clear complexity in stunning visualizations; The IdeationLab will make your Visual Cortex go red hot! 


Always in shape and form. RAWShaping utilizes the latest research findings and hybrid design tools for tangible real and virtual concept iterations. Their Loosely Fitted Design Synthesizer (LFDS) captures and blends 'whatever-you-feed-it' into 3-D virtual representations.

Come play and tinker to trigger your imagination and thrive on inspiration;"Push that button!"



Once the lab is running at full power: we churn out large stacks of iterative design ideas in a day! At this point we connect to third parties and/or tools to take these packed ideas to the next level of development. Just like anticipating what comes through the kithen hatch in an Asian restaurant; tasty design snacks, visual sushi, creative dim sum and unlimited fortune cookies.

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The IDEATIONLAB is powered by:

RAWShaping Technology • Enschede

Frontwise • Utrecht

Jam Visual Thinking • Amsterdam

Supported by:
Twente University • Enschede